Giving Back To the Community in Omaha, West Point, Lincoln & Grand Island

Giving Back To the Community in Omaha, West Point, Lincoln & Grand Island

Giving Back To the Community in Omaha, West Point, Lincoln & Grand Island

At Hands of Heartland, we do everything that we can to give back to our local communities and partner with them on new initiatives. We are mostly known for offering a variety of services to people with disabilities and their families, but we have found ways to combine our passion for helping people with our desire to become a larger part of the local communities in the areas we serve, including Omaha, Lincoln, West Point, Grand Island, and other nearby areas.

Let’s take a closer look at how our efforts help the communities that we serve.

Our Vocational Services

One of our specialties is helping people with developmental disabilities gain skills and independence by participating in the workforce. This means partnering with local businesses in our communities that will give the people we support an opportunity to work.
This is beneficial not only for the people we support, but the local businesses and community as well. Employers get new workers who are eager to learn and excel in their new role, and their customers can learn a bit more about people with disabilities. The people we support also get the social experience they need to become more independent, well-rounded adults.

Community Integration Services

Our community integration services help people with developmental disabilities gain independence, but these services also help us give back to the community at large. Our programs allow people with developmental disabilities to do something that they love, including activities like gardening, playing games, and making pottery. Then we make sure that other people from the community can take part too.
We’re not doing these events in secret or closed locations. These events take place in community co-ops that welcome everybody. These programs help the people we support to gain life skills and opportunities to socialize with more people. They get to take part in activities that they enjoy. We’re confident that the other people who come to these events also get something out of it, and we look forward to continuing our community integration efforts.

The Create-Ables Program

Create-Ables is another program meant to enrich the lives of the people we support. Arts and crafts can be a great outlet for anyone, but the people we support also relish the chance to get more chances to interact with other members of their community. Create-Ables is completely open to the public. We have a complete, functioning woodshop and everything else needed to safely create some beautiful artwork.
Then the pieces created at these events are shown off at local events. Nearby craft shows and pop-up shops are a great place to display the talents of the people we support. Any time that we can engage the local community and help people with developmental disabilities gain confidence, independence, and skills, we’ll take that opportunity.

Learn More About the Services We Offer

If you want to learn more about our community outreach initiatives and everything that we do for people in the cities we serve, visit our website. Our website can tell you so much more about how Hands of Heartland helps Omaha and the surrounding region, including Fremont and Blair.