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Host Home and Shared Living Services in Omaha & Surrounding Cities

Hands of Heartland has proudly supported the adult community with physical and intellectual disabilities of Nebraska since 1998.

Host home and shared living may be appropriate services for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities who need residential supports found in non group home settings. In these situations, Hands of Heartland ensures our clients have access to caring, well trained providers in either a host home or shared living arrangements.

Our Host Home Service allows people to reside in a family-style home, staffed and assisted by Hands of Heartland employees or contractors. This option is designed to invite a person into another family’s home, or for Hands of Heartland to assist non-guardian family members as they provide care to the person.

There are times where it’s more appropriate to place clients of similar ability and needs into what is referred to as a Shared Living Arrangement. In these settings, up to three clients can live together in a setting designed to promote and teach effective communication and other independent living habits, all the while supported around the clock by a professional caregiver who can attend to the specific care needs of each person.

In order to better support our clients and provide them with living arrangements suited to their individual needs, Hands of Heartland’s comprehensive residential habilitation services group has recently worked to expand our focus on our Host Home and Supported Living Arrangement services. Let’s explore some of the benefits these programs provide and how you can get involved.

Supporting Independence

The Host Home and Shared Living Services provide a balanced living arrangement for people who are seeking more independence in their living situation in order to support future community integration, but still might require the one-on-one support of our professional care-givers. This service is part of our broader Residential Habilitation service, where we help match our residents to the appropriate level of assisted living to match their personal needs.

Our dedicated Host Home and Shared Living Services coordinator personally takes the time and effort to match our clients with a host home provider with similar interests, lifestyles, beliefs, and other characteristics crucial to keeping our client’s well-being and comfort a priority.
Among the Best Care Providers in the State
We are constantly seeking out qualified, caring providers to add to our home host program so that there will always be a host home for our developmentally disabled clients, whatever their personal needs might be.

Become a Host!

If you want to be considered for our Host Home and Shared Living Services program, reach out to us directly to learn more about the unique benefits of becoming a subcontracted service provider through Hands of Heartland, including and the contractual terms and conditions of the position.

Hands of Heartland has proudly supported the adult community with physical and intellectual disabilities of Nebraska since 1998. Our mission is to offer these people the necessary resources to become successful, contributing members of the community with programs and services designed around our three core principles: integrity, transparency, and respect. We bring the focus of care down to personal needs and make sure that we support our clients with a staff of highly-trained and compassionate professional caregivers. If you want to get involved with this amazing community or learn more about our services, which range from residential services to supported employment and community services, send us a message. We can’t wait to meet you!

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