To empower the lives of our people.
Our staff and administrators know how important it is to respect and meet the needs of each person we serve.

Nebraska Intellectually & Developmentally Disabled Services

Residential Services
  • Continuous Residential Services
  • Independent Living
  • Supported Family
  • Shared Living Services
Day Services
  • Habilitative Day Services
  • Individualized Programs
  • Skill Development
  • Community Integration
  • Inclusive Community for Creativity
  • Collaborative Arts Center
  • Work Bench
  • Enclaves
Community Services
  • Community Integration
  • Inclusive Community for Creativity
  • Vocational Skills
Supported Employment
  • Community Jobs
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Provider
  • Job Skill Development
Respite Services
  • Short-term Relief
  • Strengthening Continued Care
  • Compassionate Care

Providing Meaningful Service to Our People

It is our promise to enable people with disabilities to experience life, employment, and independence within the community.
We believe that all persons have the right to live, be employed, learn, grow within their surroundings, and interact within the community.
We believe in empowering and enriching the lives of our people through skill enhancement, community integration, advocacy, and support.
This service has significant importance to us, as we believe our people possess skills and talents that deserve to be shared with the community.