To enrich the lives of the people we support

Our staff and administrators know how important it is to respect and meet the needs of each person we support.


I/DD Services in Nebraska: Omaha, Lincoln, Fremont, Bellevue & Grand Island

Our mission is to provide communities across Nebraska with viable managed care solutions that humanize the process of providing support and provide clear paths for community integration at all levels for individuals with I/DD. In order to accomplish this, Hands of Heartland has built out a number of programs across our facilities that help to enable people with disabilities to experience life, employment, and independence, as well as provide benefit to the families of individuals with I/DD and the communities where they live. In order to understand how these programs help everyone involved, it’s important to first understand the people for whom we provide support, and the challenges they face.

What is I/DD

When we talk about individuals with I/DD, we’re talking about people who have had some form of intellectual or developmental disability from birth or shortly after birth. These conditions are chronic and generally manifest before a person reaches their 20’s. What makes these conditions challenging for people born with them is that it limits them in a multitude of ways that people without such conditions take for granted.

How Does I/DD Present

Often these conditions have a severely negative impact on physical, intellectual, and/or emotional development over time, and can manifest across body parts or bodily systems internally. As a result of these impacts, people often struggle to perform simple self-care activities. They also often struggle to understand or express themselves with language, and their ability to learn can be impacted as well. Physically they might struggle with mobility.

The Hands of Heartland Service Model Is Built Around Maximizing Community Integration

People with I/DD are often viewed as incapable of living full lives full of achievement and independence. Often, this isn’t out of malice or prejudice, but rather a lack of understanding by the family and caregivers of what’s not only possible, but achievable, by people with I/DD living in supportive environments dedicated to their improvement and success. We have built a number of programs with the ultimate goal being community integration of those with I/DD under our support, and a full acceptance of the value they bring to the community.

Residential Services

Residential Services programs designed to boost independence and social skills provide opportunities and options for every level of independence and medical need. From Continuous Residential Services and Independent Living solutions to Supported Family and Shared Living arrangements, we have a residential services solution that will meet any support requirement.

Day Services

Day Services include habilitative Day programs for both groups and individuals, skill development programs, and community integration events. Our Day Services give visitors meaningful interactions in short guided sessions, providing caregivers access to a wider range of care solutions than they might have otherwise.

Respite Services

Respite Services programs have been designed for caregivers to have access to short-term relief while still providing those under their care with compassionate care options without having to sacrifice their own well-being. Over time, our respite services help to strengthen the continued support the caregiver provides while exposing their charge to opportunities they might not otherwise have access to in their daily routine.

Community Services

Community Services programs are designed to encompass a wide array of inclusive community programs at Hands of Heartland. With goals like community integration and vocational skills development, we’re especially proud of the work those under our care have accomplished through the Create-Ables community arts center, where people with I/DD can work with community members and local businesses to create goods for sale.

Supported Employment

Supported Employment programs take everything our residents learn throughout their other programs and help prepare them to enter the workforce. We work with local businesses to create community jobs while providing them spaces to learn job skills and work with our professional vocational rehabilitation specialists to hone their interpersonal and tactile skills.

The Impact on The Families of People With I/DD

The sum of their intellectual and physical challenges can often make it difficult for people with I/DD to struggle in establishing self-direction, live on their own, and achieve any level of economic independence. Often, when families don’t understand their options or solutions that might be available, either a family member themselves will take on the role of caregiver, or the family will hire a third-party service to provide care and services. In some situations, this can be a viable long-term option, but what many families might not know is that there are alternatives.

That’s where Hands of Heartland and managed support facilities like those we operate across Nebraska come into play.

What to Expect from Hands of Heartland

Our staff of experienced professionals is licensed to provide the best possible support and opportunity for the I/DD communities in which we operate. You can be assured that people with I/DD who come under our care will receive managed care targeted at helping them learn the life and professional skills they need to integrate into their community, over time providing them with a quality of life and a sense of accomplishment few other managed care providers can provide. To learn more about our developmental disability services and about our community events and programs, reach out to our team of care providers who can guide you to the resources you need.