Continuous Residential Services

Fostering Independence

Continuous Residential Services for People with I/DD

At Hands of Heartland, we do everything that we can to ensure that people with developmental disabilities can thrive and live fulfilling lives. One way we do that is through our Continuous Residential Services (formerly referred to as “Group Homes”). We offer a variety of services because not every arrangement is right for every person.

One option offered is assistance finding continuous residential services that best fit your family’s needs. In these situations, multiple people with developmental disabilities live together in one home. Here’s what you should know about this type of living situation.

Help is Nearby

Adults living in this type of situation are not completely on their own. Hands of Heartland team members are present around the clock to provide assistance and support. Our caring direct support team will do everything they can to resolve conflicts, keep everyone comfortable, and make safety a priority.
It Fosters Independence
A residential home for people with developmental disabilities can give individuals a larger sense of independence, even if team members are nearby and on hand to help. A continuous residential home is like any other home, with things that need to be attended to and errands that need to be run. Residents aren't on their own, but they do get the chance to experience many facets of living in their own home.
Residents Avoid Isolation
It is easy for a person with a developmental disability to become isolated. A continuous residential home can help ensure that does not happen. Individuals have other people with developmental disabilities to interact with, and it can help stop a person from withdrawing into themselves and staying away from social situations that could bring them a lot of joy. We try to match housemates with other people who seem compatible so that the living arrangement is as comfortable as possible for everyone.
Medications are Managed
Another good thing about residential homes is that our team members can help manage medications. We can make sure that dosages are right and that they are delivered on time, whether an individual has just one medication or a combination of treatments that need to be administered.

Learn More About How We Can Help

If you want to learn more about homes for people with developmental disabilities, our residential services, or anything else that we can do, visit our website. At Hands of Heartland, we’re committed to finding the best possible solutions and ways to help people with developmental disabilities and their loved ones.