Direct Nebraska I/DD Support Provider: People of the Month Spotlight

Direct Nebraska I/DD Support Provider: People of the Month Spotlight

At Hands of Heartland, we’re fully committed to serving our communities and people receiving our services. We can only do this thanks to the dedication and skills of our team members, so we thought that we should highlight one of our team members and show how they are giving back to their communities. 

At the same time, we also want to highlight an individual we support so that you can see the real people in our community who benefit from our services. Let’s meet some of the people who make the services we provide possible. 

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Featured Team Member: Nadine Whitla

Nadine is the Direct Service Provider at our Lincoln, NE location. She’s been working the day shift at this location for nine months now. One thing she helps with at this location is our work with Meals on Wheels. Every Tuesday we deliver Meals on Wheels to local members of the community. This is a great way to get healthy and delicious food to the members of our community who would struggle to get out and get such meals for themselves. 

Nadine’s favorite food is tacos and her favorite holiday is St. Patrick’s Day, mostly because of the green drinks. When she was asked for three words that she thinks describe her best, she went with “kind, adventurous, and OCD.” We look forward to her future accomplishments here at Hands of Heartland!

Featured Person Supported: Kellie Brainart

Kellie Brainart is supported by team members from our West Point, Nebraska branch. We recently caught up with her and asked her a few questions about herself. 

She said that her favorite food is pizza. Her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, mostly because she gets to eat turkey. When we asked her to pick three words that best describe her, she went with “nice, friendly, and kind.” We have to agree with her there. 

Our organization supports plenty of people like Kellie, and we hold an abundance of events that allow them to take part in their local communities. 

Our Community Outreach in West Point, NE

One such event that we’re looking forward to is our upcoming arts and crafts class. We are teaming up with the Cumming County 4H Extension to throw this event for local kids, between the ages of five and seven. 

We put together these kinds of events frequently, thanks to the hard work of our team members and our local partners. You can learn more about all of our services on our website or give us a call (402) 933-0680.

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