Are Continuous Residential Services Right for Your Loved One With Developmental Disabilities in Nebraska?

Are Continuous Residential Services Right for Your Loved One With Developmental Disabilities in Nebraska?

Are Continuous Residential Services Right for Your Loved One With Developmental Disabilities in Nebraska?

Nothing facilitates the quality of life more than a safe, comfortable, and engaging home. This is even more important if you have loved one with developmental disabilities. Since every individual has unique needs, it’s essential to go through your options and consult other family members before making long-term decisions.

In most cases, people with developmental disabilities require assistance with daily activities such as personal care, transportation, and housekeeping. At the Hands of Heartland, we recommend maximizing an individual‘s community integration to increase their ability to be independent and engage with people around them. Depending on the person’s desires and other diagnosis, you can help determine whether the person might be better suited to to live on their own home or if  continuous residential services would be better.

Type of Disabilities That Impact Residential Choices

There are many disabilities that can occur at any stage of life. These disabilities can be physical and mental. They include:

  • Hearing deficiency
  • Vision impairment
  • Physical disability
  • Dementia
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Mental health illness
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Balance or ambulation issues

The disability can influence the type of service your loved one will need. Some people may be okay living in their own homes independently with supports, while others need to live in continuous residential with supports provided. At Hearts of Heartland, we offer all the services your loved one needs, from health needs, transportation, medication management, hygiene, food preparation, etc.

The Benefits of Living in Continuous Residential 

Here are some of the common benefits of living in a residential facility.

Fosters Independence

A residential home for people with developmental disabilities offers a larger sense of independence, regardless of whether team members are nearby or not. The person can live a normal life, running day-to-day errands.

Promote Socialization

People with disabilities often isolate themselves or withdraw into themselves, which leads to depression and other mental issues. One of the main benefits of living in a residential home is knowing that you or your loved one are not alone. Individuals with similar disabilities can interact, learn and encourage one another, preventing isolation.

Provides an Easy Way to Manage Medication

Most residential institutions like the Hands of Heartland provide all-around care, including personal care, grooming, medication management, and housekeeping. Most disabilities require a regular visit to the doctor, while others require everyday therapy and counseling sessions. Whether you’re receiving residential care, day services, community services, or respite care, it’s easy to access a doctor any time you need to, which helps improve your condition.

Improves the Overall Quality of Life

At Hands of Heartland, we believe that people with developmental disabilities require a clean, safe, and engaging environment designed to promote the highest level of health, happiness, comfort, and independence. Living in a different location that feels like home with people who care about you helps improve the overall quality of life.

The Right In-Home Care Facility for Your Loved One in Nebraska

Many families seek residential services for different reasons. You want to have  your loved one supported by  professionals that will care for them based on their individual needs. Check whether the home you like has taken measures to keep the living environment safe for everyone, such as lifts, ramps, roll-in showers, and widened doorways to help with access. Check if they have specialists to care for your loved one’s special needs. Lastly, check how comfortable the place is in terms of location, layout, adaptive equipment, accessibility, furnishings, decorations, etc.

We Can Help

At the Hands of Heartland, we care about life. That’s why we extend our help to people with disabilities and help them thrive and live happy, fulfilled lives. This is made possible through our continuous residential services, which are personalized based on an individual’s needs. Contact us for more information.