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Intellectual & Developmental Disability Services in West Point, Nebraska

Hands of Heartland is trusted throughout Nebraska as the #1 resource and provider for I/DD services. We are proud to now reach families in West Point with our community resources, supports and services.

About West Point’s # I/DD Service Provider: Hands of Heartland

Founded in 1998, Hands of Heartland has been serving people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities ever since. Our proven belief is that people who have disabilities are people first and foremost. We believe every person, whether or not they have a disability, deserves the right to live freely, earn a living, learn, grow, and be a part of the local and extended communities we proudly share with them.

Always prioritizing the person over the program, Hands of Heartland hires knowledgeable professionals who share our dedication to the people we support. By hiring caregivers who are equally committed to the people we serve, we’re able to live up to the name of our organization day in and day out.

The I/DD Services We Provide for West Point-Area Residents

We build our community facilities around the same pillars that we’ve built Hands of Heartland’s services around: people with developmental disabilities are first and foremost people who deserve to live, find employment, have access to educational resources, and be able to grow, develop, and interact with others throughout the community. Bringing this mission to reality requires that individuals with I/DD and other disabilities be provided with access to resources that empower, enable, and support them in pursuing these experiences that they might not otherwise be able to access.

Residential Services

Hands of Heartland offers different types of residential services that vary in terms of their setting and the level of assistance provided. Being a shared living provider, we’ve established a goal for all our residential services – to help people enjoy a greater quality of life and increased independence.

I/DD In-Home Supports

Some people with I/DD thrive better when they live at home. While that’s the case, they may still need assistance from a third-party. In such instances, one of our compassionate team members will be glad to provide all the supports that are needed.

I/DD Day Services

Day services are one of our most sought-after services. The day services we offer are habilitative and they’re tailored to suit the specific needs of the people who use them.

A&D Waiver Services

With Nebraska’s A&D Waiver Program going into effect in August 2020, our A&D waiver services are a relatively new addition to our list of I/DD services. Our A&D waiver services are designed to provide support for children and adults who have I/DD challenges. Without our A&D waiver services, these people might end up living in a nursing home or another type of healthcare facility instead of being able to live at home.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Too often, people who have I/DD need additional supports to get or keep a job. Having a job, earning a living, and gaining financial independence are fundamental rights we believe everyone should enjoy. That’s why we’re so proud to offer vocational rehab and related services at our welcoming facility.

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