A&D Waiver Services

A&D Waiver: Services for Aged Persons or Adults of Children with Disabilities in Nebraska

In our mission to continue to find new and helpful ways to meet the needs of people with I/DD across Nebraska, Hands of Heartland is proud to become one of the first active service providers within Nebraska’s A&D waiver program, which went live on August 3rd of this year.

What is the A&D Waiver Program

The A&D waiver program is designed to offer an array of services to help support individuals that might otherwise have to live in a nursing home or facility.

Different Levels of Support by Age

For children under 18 years of age
Hands of Heartland will be offering Childcare and Respite Care to assist caregivers in their homes and onsite at one of our facilities. Our new Lincoln site will also be offering a regular weekly Respite Care service two evenings/days per week.
18 years of age or older
Hands of Heartland will send professional caregivers into their homes to provide assistance with chore services, respite care to provide a break to caregivers, and Adult Day Health Care as needed. All of these services will be individualized based on each person’s need.

Who is This Program Intended to Support

In order to be on the A&D waiver, a person has typically been diagnosed before the age of 2 years, with a qualifying condition that results in the person having a fragile medical condition. Conditions include Cerebral Palsy and other debilitative illnesses that leave a person at home with a caretaker who cannot meet the long-term needs of the individual. Without the A&D waiver, many of these individuals are moved to a nursing home at an early age and spend the rest of their lives there.


Why This is Important, and Why Hands of Heartland is Involved

As a new service being provided to individuals with a need, Hands of Heartland is a perfect service provider to trailblaze the way forward in Nebraska. We already provide multiple services and supports to people with disabilities, including individuals with complex medical needs. Hands of Heartland is the perfect choice to act as ambassadors for A&D waiver services to those who will need access to caregivers that immediately can adapt to their needs.

Who’s Eligible for the A&D Waiver Services Program and How to Apply

In a general sense, the program is designed for individuals with medical needs that are typically addressed in a nursing facility, but the person would prefer to stay home to receive the same level of care. Participants in the program must be Medicaid-eligible and able to be safely supported in their home. A detailed and specific breakdown of eligibility requirements are listed in Title 480 Chapter 5 of the Nebraska Administrative Code. Of special note are sections 5-005 on page 28 of the link above, which breaks down the services and how they are covered under the program.

You Have Questions About the New A&D Waiver Services, Hands of Heartland Has Answers

Having been only approved at the start of August of 2020, the A&D waiver program is new to every community throughout Nebraska, and there are bound to be questions and concerns if you or a family member are eligible. Hands of Heartland wants you to understand that we are here to help you navigate this program so that you or your loved one can receive proper care at home instead of being placed in a nursing home. For help navigating the care process and ensuring you’re covered properly, contact our team of professionals today.