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Vocational & I/DD Service Provider In Kearney, NE

Hands of Heartland is Nebraska’s trusted I/DD service provider. Since 1998, we have made it our driving mission to provide care and support to people with developmental disabilities and their families by providing a supportive and safe environment. We maintain a unique approach of enriching and empowering the lives of people with developmental disabilities to ensure they achieve independence.

For this same reason, we’ve been working to expand our mission gradually to help as many people with I/DD and families across Nebraska and beyond. We’re happy to reach the Kearney community with our support resources and services, and we hope to change the lives of many people with I/DD through empowerment and independence.

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Our Doors Are Open To All Kearney Community Members

At the Hands of Heartland, we build the Kearney community services based on the primary pillars that we’ve built in other locations where people with developmental disabilities are people who deserve to live, interact with other people, enjoy the freedom of employment, get educated, grow, develop and live normal independent lives. To bring this mission to reality, we ensure that our community members have access to resources that help empower, support and enable them to pursue all the things they were not able to pursue before, such as finding employment.

About Our Services in Kearney

Our services are designed to support habilitation at every stage of life. Some of the services our Kearney community should expect include:

Community Services

Hands of Heartland understand the importance of community service in Kearney. For this reason, we work with various organizations and institutions to facilitate the accessibility of these services to people with I/DD. We volunteer at meals on wheels, Rowe Sanctuary, the Kearney Children’s Museum and various other locations. Our professionals work with the local business owners in Kearney to create safe and customized employment opportunities that meet various members of I/DD.

Intermittent Residential Services

Kearney location has Shared Living Providers offers continuous residential homes. Our intermittent residential services provide a community home where individuals with I/DD can receive on-and-off support to achieve their goals. This program is a great option for people who can live independently from time to time. Our continuous living services are for people who need supported care.

Respite Services

Caregivers need some time off to relax and take care of themselves. If you’re looking after a loved one, sometimes you need a few hours off to attend an event, an important meeting or other personal engagement. That’s where our respite services are. We take over from where you left off and care for your loved one until you’re back, ensuring they’re safe, happy, comfortable and welcomed.

Supported Employment

Hands of Heartland is an established DD/IDD and Shared Living Provider with a thriving supported employment program that connects employees with developmental disabilities to employers willing to offer them job opportunities in a competitive work environment. Our trusted professionals work with you or your loved one to ensure they get a job they’re comfortable doing while providing them with the resources and support they need to adapt to a work environment. This program helps individuals improve their job-related skills and build their social life by interacting with other people.

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