Disability Community Leaders of Nebraska

Disability Community Leaders of Nebraska

Disability Community Leaders of Nebraska

At Hands of Heartland, we strive to help disabled individuals live full lives. We offer a variety of services that assist with that goal, and we do everything possible to tailor our programs to each person so that they get the most that they can out of all of our services.

Who We Are

We’re an organization that’s committed to providing safe and supportive environments for people with disabilities. We want these individuals to live fulfilling and independent lives. We don’t ignore their struggle. We’re a group of committed, highly-trained, and compassionate workers who know how important it is to participate in all facets of life, and we make sure that the people we work with can experience everything that it has to offer no matter what they have on their plate.

Why We Care

We care because some aspects of life can seem closed off to people living with disabilities. At Hands of Heartland, we simply don’t think that needs to be the case.

We think it’s important for each person we work with to experience the many joys of life and get the opportunity to grow. Our programs empower people and their families to branch out and become real members of their community.

How We Help

We help disabled individuals in many ways, by offering services including:

Residential services: We can help disabled people live more independent lives with our residential services. Our continuous residential services can place up to three people in a home, with staff care. Our independent living services are ideal for pairs of people who can live together with less oversight. We also offer services that can help family members of disabled individuals who live at home.

Supported Employment/Vocational Rehabilitation

Disabled people can work too. There’s dignity in work, and a job can be a great social outlet for many disabled people. We offer job training/supported employment services and other services that can help them build a skill set, learn more about working, and attain a higher degree of independence.

Respite care: We also help caregivers and family members who occasionally need a break from caring for disabled individuals in their lives. Caregivers can take care of their own personal matters without leaving their family members unattended and in a potentially unsafe situation.

Expanding Our Services

We have been providing these services to disabled people and their families in Omaha, but we’re always expanding and seeking to help as many people as we can. Now we are helping people throughout Nebraska, in Fremont, Blair, and surrounding communities, and we’ll hopefully be able to continue growing so that we can reach even more people.

Learn More About What We Do

To learn more about what we do, our vocational services, and everything else that we can provide to the disabled community, visit our website and blog. Keep an eye on what we’re offering at Hands of Heartland, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a disabled person in your life who can benefit from what we do.


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