Top Volunteering Opportunities for Disabled

Top Volunteering Opportunities for Disabled

Top Volunteering Opportunities for Disabled

A key element of our mission at Hands of Heartland is to ensure that we’re establishing the foundations and groundwork for people with IDD to have the chance to contribute to and participate in the communities in which they live. In order to accomplish this goal of integration, we work closely with the community and with the families of the developmentally disabled throughout Omaha and Bellevue to educate all parties on how to help people with IDD achieve their own goals of independence and involvement through volunteer opportunities.

In this blog, the professionals from Omaha and Bellevue’s premier individualized care facility Hands of Heartland, talk about why volunteering is an essential activity that supports the ongoing development and health of people with IDD. We’ll then cover some opportunities for them to take part in community services for the developmentally disabled, including Hand of Heartland’s own community integration program.

The Importance of Volunteering for People with IDD

Volunteer work generally supports nonprofit organizations and businesses by providing time and support to helping these organizations execute their community programs. These organizations generally would not be able to operate otherwise, and depend upon public funding and support. Supporting these organizations is a perfect way for individuals with IDD to both support their community, as well as learn how to best interact with other people in a safe and supportive setting, as well as learn skill sets and behaviors that are vital to their own integration with the community itself.

Opportunities in Omaha and Bellevue to Give Back to the Community

Our thriving Nebraska metropolitan centers of Omaha and Bellevue are full of opportunities for volunteers to provide time and services towards the various missions that make our state a great place to live.

Organizations Supporting Volunteer Work

When researching ways to give back to the local community in Nebraska, several listings become very useful.

  • At the state level, the Nebraska government’s website maintains links to several organizations such as ServeNebraska and VolunteerMatch, that support and organize volunteer work throughout the state.
  • The Creighton Center for Service & Justice maintains a great list of organizations that accept volunteer support.

Hands of Heartland Community Integration Programs

We pride ourselves here at Hands of Heartland for making it one of our driving missions to help individuals with IDD to successfully integrate into their community. In order to support this mission, we run several programs. In addition to our community employment program that works with local businesses to establish supported employment, we co-host a number of community co-ops that are all-inclusive events. Of special note is our Create-Ables program, which works in conjunction with the Farm to Market Home retail home decor store in Bellevue. Participants build furniture together in a safe environment and the products can be sold to support the community.

Volunteer Work Makes the Dream Work

Volunteer work supports the non-profit organizations and businesses that bind the Omaha and Bellevue communities together. At Hands of Heartland, we host a number of programs as part of our community services for the developmentally disabled. These community service programs are designed to not only build up the community but also provide our residents with the necessary developmental and social skills they need to achieve their dreams of independence. To learn more about our facilities and the community employment and community service programs we offer to the Bellevue and Omaha communities for the developmentally disabled, reach out today to talk to our team of supported care professionals.

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