Nebraska People Highlights: September 2021

Nebraska People Highlights: September 2021

Nebraska People Highlights: September 2021

We do a lot of important work here at Hands of Heartland, and to highlight that work we sometimes like to take a closer look at people who benefit from our Nebraska programs along with those who make it possible to offer our services in the first place. This month, let’s meet Bailey Payne and Kiera.

Featured Person Supported: Kiera

Kiera has been participating in programs at our Omaha location for around 18 months now. She participated in our crafting activities, and she even helped out team members with various jobs around the building since we were a bit short-handed at first! During her first few months here we discovered how much Kiera loves music and dancing, and we learned that her favorite artist is Chris Brown.

We also learned that Kiera loves shopping and “being fabulous,” so we naturally did our best to set her up with a job where she could earn a paycheck and use her own money on the occasional shopping spree. Our vocational rehabilitation providers were able to help Kiera find a job at the nearby Goodwill. She has been working there for eight months now and is thriving. She even takes the time to attend functions with her work family. 

Kiera has done great at Hands of Heartland so far, and we look forward to seeing how she continues to grow and live her best possible life. 

Featured Team Member: Bailey Payne

Bailey has been working at our Lincoln, NE location since July of 2020. She’s a Team Member Coordinator and plays a crucial role in our community outreach efforts in the area. One such responsibility includes the delivery of Meals on Wheels every Tuesday. This service helps get meals to those in need, including people who may not leave their homes very often due to disability or other reasons. It’s a critical service that gives recipients a chance to socialize and helps improve their physical and mental health.

When she’s not working, Bailey can often be found camping or fishing with friends and family. She also loves watching motorsports, like stock car, four-wheeler, and motorcycle racing. Her favorite food is Chinese, and her favorite holiday is the Fourth of July because she takes pride in her patriotism.

If she could use three words to describe herself, Bailey would pick “creative, motivated, and outgoing.” We have certainly seen those qualities in her over the past year she’s been with us. For her quote, she went with “Be the best you, you can be!” That’s a philosophy we live by, whether we’re talking about our team members or people we support within our programs.  

If you want to learn more about what we do here at Hands of Heartland, please visit our website. We offer plenty of programs and services that can help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and we have locations in Omaha, Lincoln, West Point, Grand Island, and other nearby areas. See what we can do for you and your family members.

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