Give Back by Donating to Community Centers

Give Back by Donating to Community Centers

Give Back by Donating to Community Centers

Hands of Heartland operates with the mission of maximizing community integration for individuals under our care, as we believe their amazing skills and abilities shouldn’t be hidden away but shared with the community in which they live. In addition to supported employment programs that allow them to learn skills and achieve gainful employment, our community centers provide opportunities for co-ops where individuals with disabilities can interact with people throughout the community and improve their social and vocational skills. While we are privately owned and operated, which allows our organization to remain laser focused on the individual needs of our clients, Hands of Heartland also rely upon community support in the form of donations from local businesses and community members in order to accomplish our mission. In this article, we’ll discuss why it’s important to give back by donating to community centers, such as those operated by Hands of Heartland, and how to go about doing so.

A Multitude of Benefits to Donating Locally

You can rarely go shopping anymore without being invited by a clerk or signage on a counter, or the credit card processing pad to donate to some charity or another. You can’t always be sure that your donations are being used as advertised. This is why we suggest you do your research and identify opportunities to donate to local community foundations. Here are some reasons local donations are the way to go.

Strengthening the Neighborhood

You want donations you make to have an impact, but donating blindly can mean you’ll never see the impact of your efforts. By donating to local community foundations, businesses and individuals are strengthening the local economy and helping those organizations provide their crucial services that support key demographics throughout the local population.

Exponential Impact

If you’re donating to a local community foundation, you can be sure others are doing so as well. As these donations add up, the foundation is also seeking out grants based on their service niche and using their funding for investments and other activities that can magnify funds in order to support the organization’s efforts.

Your Money Goes Where They Say It Will Go

Local community foundations have oversight and governance that lead them to releasing annual reports disclosing donations and what those funds are going towards. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that if you’re trying to support the disabled community, that’s exactly where your donation will go.

Donations Well Spent on the Omaha Disabled Community

Community donation requests provide the funding foundation for community centers. Giving back to the community by making donations to organizations like Hands of Heartland means that we get to continue to support the disabled community in developing their social skills, training them for roles in the workforce, and helping them to integrate into the local community in ways that help the community to grow and improve. If you want to explore our organization and services more in-depth, and inquire as to ways to make a monetary donation to support our company center’s role in supporting the Omaha disabled community, contact us today and help ensure through community donations that we can bring our vision to as many in the community as possible.

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