What is Create-Ables?

What is Create-Ables?

What is Create-Ables?

Adults with developmental disabilities often rely on caregivers and support programs in order to gain access to experiences others take for granted. From employment support programs to assisted living arrangements, these programs are vital to help these individuals socialize, contribute to their own fiscal independence, and sharpen their cognitive abilities. Beyond programs that help them integrate into society in order to earn a living and to live independently, programs that are designed to stimulate their creativity and keep them active are equally important for the personal development of individuals with disabilities.
Create-Ables supports the importance of creative interaction between individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities and their community. This is the driving mission behind Nebraska-based Hands of Heartland’s Create-Ables program. Let’s dig into the importance of this program and what it offers to individuals, as well as the role it plays in the local community.

The Power of Creativity

Art and creative activities play an important role in the development of individuals with developmental disabilities. Structured activities allow for repetitive physical activity that helps to improve motor skills and coordination. These activities can include art projects, building models and crafting projects.

Aside from the physical benefits, there is a significant benefit gained from the opportunities to socialize during creative sessions. Interacting with others participating in the program, volunteers, and locals in creative endeavors builds their ability to communicate and interact more effectively. It also builds their self confidence and empowers them to express themselves.

The Inclusive Create-Ables Program

Hands of Heartland developed the Create-Ables program in order to help showcase the creative endeavors of our individuals in our care programs. The program is multi-tiered and allows teamwork while promoting inclusion with the local community.

The Create-ables Makers Space and store front

Open to the public, the Makers Space puts our program participants side-by-side with people to create and redesign various projects from the other tiers of the program.

Work Bench

Hands of Heartland operates a safe and inclusive wood shop on premises for our individuals to build and create pieces that are ordered by the public.


The enclave tier of the Create-Ables program paves a path for our individuals to get paid to work within larger companies and practice their skills to prepare for future opportunities to enter the workforce.

A Meaningful Experience

Art and creativity play vital roles in the development and growth of individuals with developmental disabilities. Hands of Heartland has incorporated creativity into our very mission through the Create-Ables program, where our individuals have the chance to express themselves side by side with the community where they live, to sell their creations, and prepare themselves for the workforce. Feeling creative? Give us a call to find out more about visiting the Create-Ables space.

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