Our Focus on Community Inclusion in Omaha

Our Focus on Community Inclusion in Omaha

Our Focus on Community Inclusion in Omaha

Hands of Heartland recently opened a new facility in the West Omaha market, and have made community inclusion a driving goal of the facility. Community inclusion supports Hands of Heartland’s core values of ensuring that individuals with developmental disabilities should experience life, employment and independence within the community. Let’s explore how our new all inclusive community health center promotes community inclusion and helps the Omaha developmentally disabled community pursue their interests in a safe and supportive environment.

What is Community Inclusion

Community inclusion refers to services intended to support individuals with developmental disabilities in accessing and participating in various activities and functions of community life. This takes place outside of residential support services, and is mainly intended to support non-employment activities. Community inclusion is designed to foster interest and allow these individuals to find their passion and have creative outlets.

Social Benefits of Community Inclusion

These programs are not designed around sheltered workshops or exclusive spaces. They are designed in conjunction with community art groups and creative community co-ops in order to provide as open a venue as possible in which individuals with developmental disorders can work around and interact with other creative individuals in the community. This fosters collaboration and social skills, as well as providing a number of benefits to the community itself. Community inclusion has been linked to improved mental health and has an impact on physical health as well, as it improves the quality of life for all involved.

Business Impact of Community Inclusion

The impact of community inclusion on local businesses can be tremendous. While these programs are established as non-employment activities, companies that dedicate resources to support activities beyond the confines of their four walls find that employees feel more loyalty to a company that becomes involved in the community and supports their own efforts to contribute. Improved employee satisfaction and retention rates results in improved profitability due to reduced operating costs associated with turnover and productivity.

What to Do in Omaha When You’re Included

Our Create-ables community inclusion program is a prime example of how providing creative outlets can benefit the community. The Create-ables Makers-Space at Hands of Heartland allows our individuals to create collaborative creative works with members of the community. The other three Create-ables program components which also can include a work-component, in that they allow individuals with intellectual disabilities to showcase their skills by working to create products ordered by the public; to impress potential employers by working in an enclave to practice vocational skills; and to contribute to the local economy by creating home decor items that are then offered for sale to the community.

Thriving In the Omaha Community

Hands of Heartland’s new all inclusive community center supports the organization’s mission of ensuring individuals with developmental disabilities have a clear avenue for creative engagement in the community where they live. With multiple services aimed at integration, it’s our hope that you will join us and see just what an amazing experience it is to work alongside such creative individuals.

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