5 Ways Hiring Individuals with IDDs Can Enrich Your Workplace

5 Ways Hiring Individuals with IDDs Can Enrich Your Workplace

Vocational rehabilitation is an important part of the development and personal growth for adults with developmental disabilities. While these programs provide such individuals the opportunity for increased independence, fiscal independence, an extended social network, and overall a fulfilling life experience, supported employment services can also be equally enriching to the employers with whom they partner to transition these individuals into the workforce. Let’s look at some reasons that hiring individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities benefits your business.

Diversity and Inclusivity Equals Innovation

Employees without disabilities learn how to increase the inclusivity and accessibility of your company by working side-by-side with adults with developmental disabilities. Employees with disabilities can teach those without to think around corners, problem solve more effectively, and different methods for completing tasks.

Connect with the Community

Despite the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) more than 25 years ago, only 19% of the employable disabled workforce reported being employed in 2018. Your organization can make an impact on this statistic at the local level, and inspire other companies in your area to do the same, simply by partnering with community-based organizations in order to train, educate, and hire adults with developmental disabilities. This can increase exposure of your brand and build customer loyalty. Drawing from this pool of workers saves the federal and state government money by reducing the number of individuals drawing medical and disability benefits.

Bottom Line, A Great Investment

Fiscal health is a major component in your organization’s overall well-being. A major source of expenditure in many industries revolves around the hiring, training, and retention of new employees. Other employee-related costs can stem from safety issues and loss of productivity due to high turnover or injuries resulting from safety issues. Studies from multiple sources show that individuals with disabilities have a higher overall retention rate, and are generally more aware of safety issues on the job. Going through state-level, federally funded Vocational Rehabilitation programs and taking advantage of tax credits designed to aid in the hiring and accommodation of disabled workers provides savings in other areas, allowing funds to be invested elsewhere in the operation.

Some might argue that there associated costs in having to provide reasonable accommodations for adults with developmental disabilities, but the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission cites several studies that show 56% of accommodations have no associated costs, while 37% only require a one-time $500 investment. Only 4% of accommodations have associated ongoing expenses.

Connecting You to Your Next New Hire

One of only a few contracted vocational rehabilitation providers in the Bellevue and Omaha markets, Hands of Heartland proudly works with employers through our supported employment services to aid in the community integration of those under our care in order to highlight to companies the benefits of hiring from our program. Contact us today to learn more about our available programs and working alongside the individuals in the supported employment program.

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