Taking Care of Your Memory: The Benefits of Memory Care

Taking Care of Your Memory: The Benefits of Memory Care

Taking Care of Your Memory: The Benefits of Memory Care

Dementia is a collection of symptoms characterized by issues with language, problem-solving, memory recall, and other cognitive skills that impact a person’s ability to perform day-to-day tasks. The condition is most often caused by Alzheimer’s Disease, a degenerative brain disease that can damage or destroy neurons in the brain responsible not only for cognitive functions but also bodily functions. The condition in its advanced stages causes sufferers to be bed-bound and require constant care. However, other conditions or injuries can also cause similar debilitated memory function. Regardless of the root causes, there are memory care methods and memory care services that can help to mitigate the emotional impact of deteriorating memory function over the long term and ensure the experience is as supportive as possible. Let’s take a look at the benefits of such services and learn more about Nebraska-based Hands of Heartland, a support community that offers habilitative day services in Bellevue.

Maintaining a Sense of Self

Dementia in most forms is a progressive condition that increasingly debilitates the cognitive functions of those affected over time. While under care by a professional caregiver or facility, it’s important that they receive care catered towards their current state. In order to help the individual and their family and social circle maintain a positive outlook, caregivers should remain focused on what the individual with dementia is still capable of, rather than what they are no longer able to do. This helps to maintain lifestyle, a sense of independence, and their dignity and identity as a capable individual rather than someone suffering from a debilitating disease.

Maintaining Relationships

Because dementia affects an individual’s ability to communicate and articulate their needs, it’s vital that loved ones and family members maintain a presence in the care process. Well structured memory care services include personalized care plans developed with the help of those suffering from dementia as well as their loved ones so that a complete profile can be captured as early in the process as possible. This helps create strong connections to the individuals in the beginning, and helps to maintain their connections to their families. Familial involvement also helps caregivers effectively track the progression of the condition, and can help to guide and shape the nature of the care the individual should be receiving. This helps the family members contribute in a meaningful way to the care process and maintain a positive relationship with their loved one without being overwhelmed by trying to provide care they might not be qualified or trained to provide.

Professional Level of Care Ensures Individuals’ Safety

At the core of memory care services is the intent to ensure that sufferers of dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease have access to care from a team of experienced professionals with the highest qualifications. At our Bellevue location, Hands of Heartland’s team of professionals are ready to help sufferers of dementia and their loved ones navigate the challenges posed by this debilitating condition in a way that will help maintain the family connections but ensures the best care possible. For more information about our facilities and habilitative day services, schedule a visit today, and let us know how we can help you and your family.

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