Nebraska’s Health Services & Social Work Scholarship Programs

Nebraska’s Health Services & Social Work Scholarship Programs

Nebraska’s Health Services & Social Work Scholarship Programs

At Hands of Heartland, we’ve spent over 20 years growing our brand and evolving with the ever-changing needs of Nebraska’s I/DD communities in which we have been active. From Bellevue and Omaha, now out to Lincoln and Grand Island, our outward focus has been on creating services and experiences for people with I/DD and now those who qualify for A&D waivers.

In December, we’d like to turn that same level of support and focus inward to our employees and their families by offering a series of scholarships. Follow along as we break down the scholarships and requirements and how they will help not only the team members who have dedicated their careers to our mission, but also their families and ultimately the communities where we live and operate.

What Kind of Scholarships Are We Offering?

As we close the year on one of the most challenging years the American public has faced, Hands of Heartland wants to turn our mission of supporting the independence and dreams of our clients inwards to do the same for our staff and their families. We understand that times have been extremely hard for a lot of families and that uncertainty often breeds a desire to improve skills and knowledge.

In December, Hands of Heartland is opening the application process for two new scholarship programs, one for employees and one open to the families of our employees. Here’s how we’re looking to invest in our team and their loved ones.

For Employees

The employee-focused scholarship program is designed to support Hands of Heartland’s mission of ensuring we employ the most skilled and most qualified individuals. Therefore, employees will be applying for scholarships for social work degrees as well as to be candidates for our health services professions scholarship program.

For Their Families

For families with children on the cusp of or already in school, the financial burden of higher education can be significant. In order to ease that burden and help our employees remain focused on providing high-quality care, we’re also offering a scholarship award for family members of our employees to pursue a degree in any field.

The Benefits of Employer-Sponsored Scholarships

Our social work and health services professions scholarship program is designed first and foremost to provide an avenue for our employees to remain at the top of their game. We want them to be able to pursue any role within the organization by either improving their skills or pursuing skills that will allow them to move laterally into roles that interest them.

In providing the same opportunity to pursue any degree program to family members, we’re giving back to the wider Nebraska community and helping to establish a stronger workforce that over time will be more educated and embrace the I/DD and A&D communities with more compassion and understanding.

Building Stronger Communities Together in Everything We Do

In our two decades of providing support and managed care services, we’ve never wavered in our mission to support the independence and self-improvement of those under our care. This year, we want to show our employees and their families that we’re equally passionate about their skills and ability to improve themselves. If you work in Nebraska’s health care or social work industries, and you’re looking for health service opportunities that are more focused on the community and individualized care, we’d love to hear from you.

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