Nebraska Day Programs for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Nebraska Day Programs for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Nebraska Day Programs for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Are you tasked with caring for someone who has developmental disabilities, but need help providing the necessary support from time to time? Do you have a developmental disability but want to expand your horizons beyond those that currently define your day-to-day experiences? In either case, you’ll be happy to know day programs for adults with developmental disabilities were designed with people like you in mind.

What Is an Adult Day Program?

Day programs for adults with developmental disabilities benefit both the people who attend them as well as their loved ones who provide in-home supports. These programs enable participants to be active in their respective communities, socialize with others, and receive any health and personal support services they might need. In other words, day programs help attendees live a more fulfilling, active life while giving participants easy access to health and wellness care.

Day programs for adults with developmental disabilities have an added benefit – they give the individual’s loved ones much needed time to tend to other things, such as work, volunteering, or just some well-deserved downtime during which they can refresh themselves. In many cases, day programs can help save money because they’re often a viable alternative to nursing homes and alternative in-home care.

Who Qualifies for Adults with Disabilities Day Programs?

While different centers may have varying criteria for participants, day programs are widely available for people with various disabilities, which may include:

  • Dementia
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Developmental disabilities

HOH Team Members

Whether you’re searching for a day program for yourself or a loved one, it’s vital that you carefully consider the people who oversee the program and assist participants. As you familiarize yourself with the day services offered by Hands of Heartland, you’ll learn that the team members who are affiliated with our day programs are all trained, licensed, and experienced. Just as importantly, our team members are truly compassionate about the work they do and the individuals and families we proudly support.

With locations in Omaha, Lincoln, Grand Island and Westpoint NE, we make enrolling and participating in a day program a breeze. Contact us to schedule a consultative assessment now!

What to Expect

When people inquire about our day programs, some people ask us what they should expect from our day services. In addition to a welcoming, inclusive environment, you can expect personalized supports that are tailored to each participant’s specific needs, interests, and goals. With so many vibrant personalities in our programs, we provide qualified supports to ensure everyone can thrive in an environment where they feel productive, secure, and valued.

How to Get in Touch with Hands of Heartland

Getting in touch with highly skilled support providers is as easy as calling one of our convenient NE locations. Alternatively, you can reach out to our team online.

To learn more about our day programs, give us a call or contact Hands of Heartland online today!

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