Medicaid Aged & Disabled Waiver Program in Nebraska

Medicaid Aged & Disabled Waiver Program in Nebraska

Medicaid Aged & Disabled Waiver Program in Nebraska

For over the last 20 years, Hands of Heartland has made a name for itself, providing innovative and targeted care for the I/DD community in Nebraska. For years, the Bellevue and Omaha communities benefited from the organization’s heartfelt and sincere focus on building programs centered around providing a heightened quality of life and independence for those under their care.

As the organization has expanded into new cities and communities, we’ve recognized a community need for an expansion of its services and mission to include other demographics in need. When Hands of Heartland opened its Lincoln support facility, it became one of the few facilities in the region to offer support for individuals who qualify for an Aged and Disabled Waiver. In this blog, we’ll explore what the waiver is and how Hands of Heartland’s expansion into this realm of individual care impacts the community.

What is Nebraska’s Medicaid A&D Waiver Program?

The Nebraska Council on Developmental Disabilities has been working in conjunction with the Department of Health and Human Services to execute a planning initiative to improve and expand support for all Home and Community-based Services Waivers relative to Medicaid. Amongst the plans impacted are the Aged and Disabled Waiver, also referred to as an A&D waiver.

Who Qualifies?

According to the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, A&D waivers apply to individuals of all ages who meet three important criteria

  • They qualify for Medicaid and have a care need equal to that offered by a nursing facility.
  • While the level of care required is on par with that offered in a facility, they prefer to receive care in their home.
  • The care that needs to be provided can safely be provided in their home.

How Hands of Heartland’s Program Changes the Game

While Aged and Disabled waivers have the backing of Medicaid, few providers offer care services in the Lincoln metropolitan area that meets the Waiver requirements. For Hands of Heartland’s new Lincoln facility, where they are already offering individualized support services, it was simply a matter of extending their scope.

In other Hands of Heartland facilities, the company already offers in-home Supported Family care services. Redirecting qualified personnel to offer the same services in-house for Medicaid A&D Waiver recipients means they are receiving care from qualified individuals who meet the Medicaid requirements and the specific needs of the patient in question.

Trusted A&D Provider in Lincoln

Families who are struggling to find quality care for children and older family members that qualify for Nebraska Medicaid’s Aged and Disabled Waiver can rest a little bit easier in the Lincoln metropolitan area. Now, just as with the I/DD community, they can access Hands of Heartland’s expansive I/DD care services, knowing that their loved ones are being treated with respect and supported in their pursuit of independence and agency over the care they receive. For more information about Hands of Heartland’s Independent Living Residential Services, make an appointment with our staff today.

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