Nebraska Community Integration For I/DD

Nebraska Community Integration For I/DD

Nebraska Community Integration For I/DD

As we take our first steps into 2020, Hands of Heartland knows that many of us out there are making New Year’s resolutions to improve certain aspects of our own lives. Eat better, improve your health, take up a hobby, travel to new places – whatever the case, you’ve set your mind on a goal and we truly hope that you achieve that goal.

While we know this time of the year can be filled with family events and celebrations, we would like to challenge our readers and their loved ones to make another resolution, one that will help our facility and show our residents just how important they are to the local community.

It’s our mission to ensure that our community of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities be given every opportunity to fully experience life. While our staff of qualified employees are fully dedicated to this goal, we can’t accomplish it without the support of the community around us. Below you’ll find a number of suggestions for volunteering at Hands of Heartland, and our staff and residents hope you’ll find these opportunities to be a fulfilling and meaningful start to the New Year.

Come Create With Us at Our Create-Ables Events

We invite you to explore our creative workshops that allow you to work side-by-side with our residents as they work in our Makers Space and the Work Bench woodshop to create items for sale as part of our partnership with Farm to Market Home.

Supporting Our Enclaves and Community Integration Efforts

Our enclave program allows individuals with IDD to work alongside larger businesses in order to develop the necessary work skills to participate in our supported employment programs. Supporting this program as a volunteer allows you to help participants learn important vocational skills and learn the social skills they’ll need to move forward.

Volunteer with Us and Give Back to the Omaha Community

Taking advantage of volunteer opportunities with residents at our facilities in Bellevue and Omaha not only helps to foster their community integration, but you’re also helping the local economy. Advocacy for the special needs community helps give them the confidence they need to participate in supported employment programs, which in turn has many positive economic effects on local businesses.

Your Volunteering at Hands of Heartland Will Have A Greater Impact Than You Can Imagine

Hands of Heartland’s mission is to ensure our residents live their best lives, but we also want that for our volunteers. Resolving to get more involved this year with our community, you can expect to reap the benefits as well. From an improved social connection to the community to improved mental health, you can expect your volunteer experience to lead to an improved quality of life. To get involved or explore our services, get in touch with our team of professionals and let them know you’re interested in contributing, and they’ll happily provide you with the guidance you need to get your New Year started off with a bang!

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