Choosing the Residential Habilitation Services That Fit Your Needs

Choosing the Residential Habilitation Services That Fit Your Needs

Choosing the Residential Habilitation Services That Fit Your Needs

Individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities might require varying levels of oversight in their day to day, but our goal at Hands of Heartland is to ensure all of the individuals under our care are able to experience life, employment, and independence within the community. In order to accomplish this, we provide a range of residential services designed to enhance their life experiences while maintaining proper levels of individualized care in appropriate settings. Let’s take a closer look at our residential habilitation services

Continuous Residential Services

Structures with a community-based goal in mind, our continuous residential services place up to three individuals together in a home setting. Staff are present around the clock to assist and provide habilitation services. Residential habilitation encourages communication and a positive sense of community while allowing our staff to remain attentive and meet the individual needs of each person.

Independent Living

For individuals who are extremely functional and capable of managing day to day activities with limited oversight, we provide Independent Living Services. We pair these individuals together in a residence and remove the 24 hour support, providing them with more autonomy than other habilitation services might provide. However, we still provide access to support systems as needed, giving these residents a heightened sense of freedom with the reassurance that help is within reach.

Supported Family

For some individuals with an intellectual developmental disability, living with their family might be the best option for the individual, but they still might require specialized care the family isn’t able to provide. In these situations, the individual resides in their own home with their family, and our professional staff will work alongside the family to provide the necessary support and oversight to help maintain everyone’s quality of life.

Host Home Services

At the host home services level of care, individuals are invited to reside in a family-style home staffed and assisted by our own well-trained personnel. This option helps non-guardian family members provide care for the individual and supports the individual being invited into another family’s home.

Providing a Heightened Quality of Life and Independence

Despite any challenges the individuals under our care might face as a result of their intellectual developmental disabilities, Hands of Heartland feel that all persons should be allowed to live, be employed, learn and grow within their surroundings, and be able to interact with their community. Whether in our residential habilitation center or in one of our other care facilities on site, we empower and enrich our residents’ lives though skill enhancement activities, community integration, advocacy, and support in their daily lives. Our residential habilitation services provide the IDD community in and around Bellevue and Omaha, NE the opportunities to embrace the idea of community and be supported in safe and nurturing environments and to eventually grow comfortable sharing their skills and talents with the community they call home.

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  1. Ron Booker says:

    You made an interesting point that family members could take care of a disabled person to a certain point because they will require special assistance. My cousin’s mother-in-law is living with him and his family, but know there are things they are not capable fo doing because they don’t have the experience. Maybe a disability living service will be something to consider to help them with other assignments his inlaw needs, so I will pass him the details.

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