Announcing Our New Location in Omaha

Announcing Our New Location in Omaha

Announcing Our New Location in Omaha

We’re excited to share with the West Omaha community that we’ve opened a new Hands of Heartland location in the city. We are expanding from our Bellevue offices to bring our brand of empowering and enriching the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities into this exciting new market. If you’ve never heard of us or what we do, read on to learn more about Hands of Heartlands’ services and how we ensure the services we offer are driven by and created for the individuals under our care.

On a Mission

Our goal at Hands of Heartland is to ensure individuals with developmental disabilities have the chance to experience a full life, complete with employment and independence to interact with the community around them. All of the programs and services we’re bringing to our habilitations services facility in Omaha stem from this approach of promoting independence, nurturing individual needs, and maximizing community integration. Our team of professionals and local volunteers provide services in five categories to meet the needs of the local community. Check out more details on each service by clicking on the links.

Residential Services

We provide various levels of assistance in different settings so that care can be individualized to balance quality of life and independence. Categories include Continuous Residential, Independent Living, Supported Family, and Host Home Services.

Day Services

We foster creative purpose in low staff-to-individual ratio programs to provide assistance in learning various tasks and skills. Categories include Habilitative Day Services, Individualized Programs, Skill Development, and Community Integration

Community Services

In opening this new center, one of our driving goals is to ensure community integration in various forms for the developmental disability services community in Omaha. We accomplish this through our programs in Community Integration, Inclusive Community for Creativity, and Vocational Skills

Supported Employment

One of the most important services we focus on and hope to bring significant value to our habilitation services clients in Omaha, our supported employment services include working with local companies to support our programs in Community Jobs, Vocational Rehabilitation Providers, and Job Skill Development.

Respite Services

At Hands of Heartland Omaha, we understand that those already providing care to individuals with developmental disabilities need as much support as possible, which is why our service offerings include respite services support in the form of Short-term Relief, Strengthening Continued Care, and Compassionate Care.

Get the Information and Support You Need

We also provide links to informational portals for caregivers in Nebraska and our blog includes information that can help families and professionals in the caregiving field.

Welcome to Our Family

Since 1998, Hands of Heartland has been helping individuals with developmental disabilities and their families live their best lives. Our new habilitation services facility in West Omaha expands on the legacy we began in our Bellevue location, and we hope to show the Omaha community the same level of expertise and advocacy we’ve always shown. If you’re in the Omaha community and have a need for our services, call us today to schedule a visit.

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